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The Importance of a Range Hood

Range hood is one of kitchen appliances that are highly under appreciated even if it’s the most important part of the kitchen. It is an exhaust fan that is placed on top of a range. It is there in order to remove the steam and heat cause by cooking. Thus, lessening the humidity and moist in the kitchen, preventing molds and mildew from forming. It is also an additional source of lighting in the kitchen.

Dangers can arise without a range hood in your kitchen such as a high level of carbon monoxide in the kitchen causing poisoning, poor air quality and excessive heat. The range hood works by filtering the air from damaging pollutants and drawing them out of the house. In doing so, it can protect the people in the house from any irritation. It also reduces the steam and smell in the kitchen when cooking making it more comfortable. It also prevents grease from forming. Aside from health, it adds stylish features in the kitchen therefore adding more value to house if you decide to sell your house.

Range Hoods


If you want to have a range hood do some researches you’ll find that it has different types which are the following:

1. Wall Mount, this is gaining popularity among homeowners. This type of hood is large, stylish and professional looking. They usually come out on stainless steel. Often used as a wall when there is no available cabinet.

2. Under – cabinet Mount is the least expensive type of range. This traditional hood is known for having low stylish qualities. It is usually placed under a wall cabinet and attached to the exterior wall.

3. Island Mount has a sleek and stylish look compared to other under – cabinet models. It is known for its ability to retract its hood.

4. Microwave Mount is a range hood combination. It is known for having the ability to save space and dual purpose.

5. Ducted or Re – circulating: hoods can either be installed outside (ducted) or within the kitchen (recirculate). The recirculation offers owners the option of trapping the grease and smell through a carbon filter. While the ducted one means it removes a lot of hot air quickly cooling the kitchen.

6. Built In/Insert Blower Type Hood is the type known for its wood or metal hood and being able to hide its fan.

When buying a range hood one should consider the exterior, if it has a smooth surface, no crevices making it easy to be cleaned. The control is easy to operate and has readable letters. Next, the light can give additional illumination when needed and can be replaced easily. Lastly, the filter should be good. If it is made from aluminum it is cheaper and can be cleaned easily. They are usually reusable. That is why it should be clean every one to three months. Be sure to also get the measurement before purchasing one.

In order to make sure that your range hood is in top shape make sure to regularly inspect it. They can be cleaned by a solution of hot water and dish washing detergent. By maintaining it, you can be sure to enjoy cooking every time.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Are you searching for the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home?

If you have already decided a canister vacuum is best for your home, you need to figure out which is the best canister vacuum cleaner for your needs.  These models are great cleaners, great for a variety of floor types, and just as advanced as other models available in today’s market. While shopping for one, you’ll need to think about how you will use the vacuum.  Are the weight and size of the canister important?  If you have stairs, weight is an important factor.  In addition to its size, here are some features that you will need to know while shopping for the Canister vacuums.


The best of canister vacuum cleaner models are great for cleaning a variety of surfaces. They’re a great choice for cleaning everything from linoleum and hardwood floors to carpets and drapes. Thus, if a person has a variety of surfaces in their home that needs cleaning, a canister vacuum is a great choice.

The Attachments make the vacuum

Canister vacuum cleaners are known for the attachments that come with.  Many are attached to the body of the vacuum.  Often you will find that they come with a variety of attachments to make cleaning that much easier. They have long hoses to make cleaning corners and ceilings possible, and they come with crevice tools and brushes to clean everything from sofas to under beds. The brushes themselves come in a variety of options: everything from bare brushes to those with drum rollers.

Look for a model with an easily cleanable HEPA filter if you have allergies.

Canister vac

Just because the best canister models are smaller in size, it doesn’t mean that these vacuums are any less effective when it comes to cleaning. Many canister vacuum cleaner manufacturers cite the models’ steady motors and effective HEPA filters as major pluses to the models. They may not have the heavy-duty strength of a upright model, but they can certainly handle any home or office’s day to day cleaning needs. Additionally, the filters do a great to to keep the debris where it belongs: out of the air. Thus, these models are just as good an investment as others in the market, especially those who have limited space for storing a vacuum.

No need for lots of Storage space

A canister vacuum cleaner is excellent choices for people who have limited space in their homes. For those who live in homes with few closets or small apartment studios, these models are especially great. Canister vacuum cleaners are as much as a third or half as small as some upright models. They can be stored everything from under beds and even couches to under kitchen counters and slipped between bookcases. Thus, these models are just as good an investment as others in the market, especially those who have limited space for storing a vacuum.

Who made the vacuum

Another important factor in getting canister vacuum for you is its manufacturer.  Canister vacuums are made by a variety of companies, such as Dyson, Miele, Eureka, Bissell, Electrolux and many more.

Bagged vs Bagless

You will also have to consider if you want a bagged or bagless machine, when looking for a canister vacuum.

As you can see there are many things to consider when looking for the best canister vacuum cleaner.  We’ve  explored some of your options and now its time for you to go and and buy one.

Waste King 2600 – Continuous Feed Offers Compact Flexibility

Waste King L-2600 Legend Series 1/2 HP Waste Disposer

When space is at a premium but the need for a continuous feed system that bites down and chews up whatever you put in it is a must, consider the Waste King 2600. Widely regarded in the marketplace as the top name in garbage disposal systems that leave the competition behind, this compact disposer takes on the challenge of a tight kitchen and delivers the reliability as well as predictable service that makes it the smart way to go for a garbage eater that is virtually indestructible. Waste King is a name you can trust and the Waste King 2600 measures up under the regular use of any busy kitchen.

System Description – Designed of silver steel and weighing just 9.9 pounds don’t let the size of this compact little disposal fool you. With 0.5 horsepower under the hood, you’re going to get an amazingly noise efficient grinding experience every time you flip the switch. Waste King 2600 measures 9.11 inches in length, 14.55 inches in width and just 9.25 inches in height, making installation in even the smallest under the sink space quick and easy. Don’t sacrifice quality for size when it comes to your garbage disposing needs. Get the strength of 2600 killer rotations per minute for whatever has to be removed down the drain without hesitation.

Waste King

Best Features – You don’t want the sound of a jackhammer rattling the counter and this little worker complies with a sound insulated interior that lets the steel blades virtually pulverize meal time contents and other waste that must be discarded in a simple yet effective manner. Optimized design ensures that noise is not only minimized but confined to the unit and not transferred to surround sink and countertop. No one has to know there is a garbage disposal running except the user thanks to the anti-vibration considerations built into this design as standard and regarded by many as one of the best features of this compact disposal.

Health Benefits – Whether there is a baby or senior or someone in between in the home who needs to ensure that food is not left lying around and proposing risks, a smart disposal like the Waste King 2600. You know that you don’t want food waste compartmentalized in your drain, creating an unsure and unhealthy condition there. Food particles that have gone through the proper grinding process in this small yet high powered design are left with no choice but to travel away out of your pipes permanently. You’ll take comfort in knowing a healthy environment exists in and around your sink.

Affordable – Whether times are hard or not, making an affordable purchase is the way to go. New home construction, income property renovations, virtually any consideration that comes to mind is a great occasion to take advantage of finding the best garbage disposal for your particular needs. With the Waste King 2600, it’s not just a price that will fit your budget, it is a time-saving opportunity with the purchase of this easy to install unit that’s the right size and a great price.

My iRobot Roomba 4230! Great robotic vacuums!

Let’s face it, everybody hates doing house chores! They are not only tiring, but also extremely boring! Most people especially hate vacuuming and cleaning their floors, but now, a new invention has come around that may just solve that problem, the robot vacuum!

It might sound like something out of a sci fi movie or Star Trek, but the robot vacuum cleaner actually exists and it is already being used in many homes all over the world!

Robotic vacuums are quite small and very versatile devices that thanks to their specially designed and high tech sensors, can very easily navigate your floors, even going around or under furniture and other obstacles if they have to, while at the same time vacuuming and cleaning!

Simply put, a vacuum robot will make your life a lot easier and it will save you a lot of time from doing chores!

In this robotic floor vacuum review, we’ll have a very detailed look at a brand new vacuum cleaner robot, the iRobot Roomba 4230!

iRobot Roomba

According to many robot vacuum reviews, it’s one of the best robot vacuum models made by industry leaders iRobot on the market right now! Does it live up to all this hype? Well, read my Roomba review to find out!

The brand new Roomba Scheduler is the latest itteration of the world famous Roomba product line made by iRobot! There currently are more than 1.2 million happy iRobot Roomba owners all over the world who have discovered a smart and more efficient way of dealing with their chores!

Wouldn’t you like to join them? The new Roomba 4230 aka the Scheduler, allow you to program it to clean your house, even when you’re not there! It can clean your house at night, during the day or even while you’re away at work. Your house should be cleaned every day if you want to keep it truly spotless and this amazing iRobot vacuum, will completely take care of that for you!

iRobot Roomba Features

Special scheduler function for daily cleaning!
Thanks to the very advanced  Roomba Scheduler function of this amazing Roomba vacuum, you will be able to program your robotic vacuum to clean your house exactly when you want, with extreme ease!

When the time you set comes, your Roomba vacuum will leave its Home Base , and start cleaning the floor thoroughly and effectively! Once it’s done, it will return to its Home Base to recharge its batteries in order to be ready for the next cleaning cycle. The scheduler robotic vacuum is completely automated!

The only action necessary on your part, is to program the  time you want it to start cleaning into the special Scheduler Remote, and then “upload” the cleaning schedule to your Roomba robotic vacuum and the new Virtual Wall Schedulers that you will find in the package. Both the Roomba and the Virtual Walls will power themselves on automatically, at the exact time you have scheduled!

How the Roomba vacuum works!
All Roomba vacuum cleaner models feature a patented and unique 3 stage cleaning process that has been proven to be the most effective when it comes to robot vacuums! During the first stage the small spinning side brushes grab all the dirt and debris even from the corners or along the walls of the room, and sending it into the main cleaning path.

During the second stage, two specially designed counter rotating brushes pick up all the larger particles, like pet hair, and other similar debris. During the third and final stage, a very powerful and extremely efficient vacuum will pick up all the remaining particles, no matter how tiny they are! All of the dirt and debris from those three stages, is collected and stored into a very large and easy to empty dust and dirt bin!

The cleaning head of your iRobot vacuum cleaner, will automatically adjust itself to better accommodate any floor type it’s used on, including wood, tile, linoleum floors and even low to medium pile carpets. The robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner can even sense if some areas on your floor are dirtier than others and it will automatically spend more time cleaning there! This is probably the best Roomba yet!

What’s in the box?
Inside the package, you will find the Roomba Scheduler, the special scheduling remote, two programmable virtual walls, the home base that also acts as the recharging station, a fast charger, the specially designed cleaning tool, pack of spare brushes and a special APS Roomba battery!

No iRobot Roomba review can be complete without a list of the product’s pros and cons! Here we go then:

The Good:
Easy and simple to use!
Completely automated and programmable! It can clean your house even if you’re not there!
Very thorough and efficient!
Charges automatically!
Fantastic price on! Click here to get it!

The Bad:
It can’t clean stairs.
The brushes need to be cleaned quite frequently.